Custom Graphics

No matter how well designed and informative your site is, it's not complete unless it is visually attractive. The world is moving at a faster and faster pace, and the web is no exception. To stay on top of the game, you need a catchy presentation.

We specialize in aesthetically pleasing, fast loading, and cross-browser safe graphics that will grab your customers' attention. We can design graphics at whatever resolution you desire. If you prefer, we can work with your corporate logo(s) and incorporate them into the design of your site. We can also design basic animations.

Image Maps & Image Flips

You can find examples of both Image Maps and Image Flips within the AbleDesign site. An Image Map is a single image with areas mapped out (clever, huh?) that link to certain areas of a site. An example is the scroll menu on the left side of each page.

An Image Flip, also known as a rollover effect, is a little more complex. Take a look at the book on the home page for an example. When you hover the mouse over the words on the right (each of which is a clickable link), a different image appears, or flips, in a defined area. This requires JavaScript and additional graphics work, but the final result can be very pleasing aesthetically. However, Image Flips tend to take much longer to download than Image Maps, due to the extra graphics involved.