Domain Registration

There are many mysteries to the internet, among them is how your computer connects to a site's information. Without going into a lengthy explanation, let's just say that the answer lies in the domain name. A domain name is the written equivalent of a site's IP address.'s IP address is Depending on the server setup, both may work, but which would you rather remember?

Domain names must be registered in order for your request to reach the correct server. Domain registration can be quite a hassle, but we're prepared to take on that burden for you. We also provide a WHOIS lookup in the "Services" section to help you research if a certain domain name is already taken.

InterNIC charges apply, currently $70 for the first two years and $35 per year after that. Network Solutions (InterNIC) is no longer the only domain registrar. You now have multiple registration options due to the new competition, so let us know if you have a preferred registrar or if you would like more information.