Search Engine Submission

Statistics vary, but most research indicates that 95% of all site traffic results from search engine searches. There is a chance that the search engines will find your site on their own, but why leave it to chance? We will help you be found by submitting your site to the top search engines. We submit all sites by hand, as automated submission services cannot meet the individual requirements of every search engine. Please note, some search engines such as Yahoo! are very selective and may require repeated submissions.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a top position in any given search engine for several reasons:

  1. Search engines change their ranking algorithms fairly regularly.
  2. If you do get the top spot, who's to keep a competitor from copying your META's and keywords to move ahead of you?
  3. Some search engines have gone to a pay-for-listing system for the top spots for specific search terms.
  4. If everyone that "guaranteed" a #1 ranking could actually deliver, we would have several thousand top spots!