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Associations, Councils, Trade Groups
Sites for The Washington Apple Council- lots of cool apple stuff here. The Ontario Apple Marketing Commission website contains valuable information regarding the Ontario apple industry, apple varieties and some delicious recipes. Great stuff for kids and teachers.
Visit here for apple images from the Washington apple commission Michigan apples Almond Board of California Almond growers Almond Growers Asparagus Growers California Avocado Commission California Avocado Commission California Avocado Commission Barbecue Industry Association American Dry Bean Board Michigan Bean Commission Idaho Bean Board

National Cattleman's Beef Association Visit the North American Blueberry Council's web site. It contains blueberry information and recipes. Educators can check out their curriculum guide. The Calorie Control Council - has information on sugar and fat replacers. Michigan Cherry Committee Chocolate Manufacturers Assoc Canola council National Coffee Association of the USA National Corn Growers Association Cranberry Institute Information about tart cherries. Information about cherries. Here is one site that does it all for dairy information - use this site to find your local dairy council and lots of teaching resources Washington State Dairy Council California Egg Association United Egg Association American Egg Board - contains recipes, tips, news and information. check out this site for FARMS information on national Meatout day (March 20th) Food Marketing Institute Tree fruit California rare fruit growers Information on garlic - includes a free weekly newsletter Exotic varieties of fresh garlic, garlic gifts and art or garlic treats for your pet. California Table Grape Commission Visit this site for information, tips and recipes on hazelnuts - by the Hazelnut Growers Association of Oregon. Hemp Food Association - hemp is a seed that is newly being introduced as a food now that technology enables this seed to be shelled. Foundation for Food Irradiation Education California kiwi council A beautiful, green web site for lettuce. Has resources and information for teachers. Maine Lobster Promotion Council - visit for nutritional information and recipes along with cooking tips Information on lycopenes, tomato handling. Visit here for information on lycopene, FAQs and recipes. National Association of Margarine Manufacturers - be sure to sign up for their free newsletter. American Meat Institute American Mushroom Institute International Nut Council California Olive Association Provides information about onions to farmers, distributors, and consumers; recipes, trivia, and nutritional facts are all available National Onion Association National Pasta Association Michigan Peach Sponsors Peanut Board Pacific Northwest Canned Pear Service - great for tips on pears A must see site that contains lots of information, tips and recipes on dried peas and lentils. Great information on pecans Michigan Plum Advisory Board The popcorn board - visit here for a medley of information and good ideas for popcorn. National Pork Producers Council Fresh produce marketers of California - visit here for great images of produce Produce for Better Health Association California new potatoes California Prune Board Recipes and information on rice. Snack Food Assoc United Soybean Board Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee California strawberries Sunflower Association Sweet potatoes from the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission California tomatoes Information on lycopenes, tomato handling. The Tortilla Industry Association- contains fun facts and recipes. Walnut Board Walnut info The Wheat Council. Check it out for Spanish nutrition resources, recipes and fun facts on whole grains. Wheat Foods Council
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Chocolate The best chocolate site on the internet. They have recipes and chocolate facts. Hershey Foods web site - your best resource on the web for recipes and decorating ideas Chocolate Alliance club - this site has recipes and more. Science and history of chocolate Ghirardelli site - recipes and tips
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Food Companies/Products By Name Makers of Lentil Bean pasta that is high in fiber and made without wheat or gluten. Aurora Foods - carries Duncan Heines, Log Cabin, Butter Worth, Mrs Paul, Van De Camps, Celeste and Aunt Jemima brands. Visit this site for information on Benecol News and information from Best Foods. Site for Betty Crocker products and info Bob's Red Mill - manufacturer and distributor of whole grain products and Oatrim. Boca Burger's new web site - check out their new products. Mann's Packing Company- interesting information on broccoli and their new Broccolini product Campbell Soup Company An interactive site with games and information on Cheerios cereal Home of LifeSavers candy. There are many games for kids at this site. 200 pages of tuna information. Info on Shedd's Spread Country Crock Dole Foods Duncan Hines site for Egg Beaters, a nonfat egg substitute Site for Eggo Waffles - watch for new varieties that are "functional" - containing added calcium, vitamins and other minerals.From Kellogg's. News and information on 8th Wonder Fat Free Fries - made with Yukon Gold potatoes Site for foxy vegetables - fun stuff for kids and recipes A great place to go when your clients ask you about produce you have never heard or you want to feature something new in a demo. Garden Burger Company. Gatorade's site. Check out the link to their sports institute Gerber Babyfood site Gortons web site for seafood. Visit this site by Salute Sante - it contains information on grapeseed oil. Our favorite sorbet and icecream site! Healthy Choice - Visit this site for recipes, tips, news and information on healthy lifestyles. Site for Health Source powder - contains soy protein and 700 mg of calcium per serving. Hershey Foods web site Virtual popcorn on the web from Jolly Time. Find recipes, product/nutrition information and an online store to order Kashi products. Information on their cereals. Kraft Foods Company Site for Land O Lakes Dairy products. Visit here for tips and recipes. Site for Lipton T. Check it our for information on tea and phytochemicals, tips and recipes. Information on Morinu Tofu and related products. Nabisco Hot Cereals Visit here for information on Pop Tarts Ocean Spray cranberries - tips and recipes. Information on Olestra. Quaker Oatmeal Quaker Oats Company For more information on Reddi-wip - we like the fat free version. Visit the site of the Santa Barbara Olive company for low sodium olives that taste great.
http:/ Sobe Beverages
http:/ Smucker site - recipes, history and more Special K cereal from Kelloggs Tips and recipes on the web. Tip #648 is our favorite - for the world's fastest lowfat peach icecream Information on tuna Sun Maid raisins Site of Sunsweet Growers - contains information on their products. Swanson Broth Total Cereal Tropicana Uncle Ben's Rice Viactiv Products
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Food News & Tips Updated everyday with food articles from other news sources, mostly the PR News Wire. Food industry news for manufacturers Every answer to every cooking question you could ever ask. From metric conversions of common ingredients to how-tos to other links.
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Cranberry sites Information on lycopenes, tomato handling. Melissa's is a specialty produce company. Visit this site for information on exotic produce, tips and recipes. Snack information, peanut information, free quarterly newsletter Publishes The Packer Produce Availability & Merchandising Guide and Fresh Trends
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New Products Communicating Food for Health Newsletter - the newsletter that brings you food news you can use every month.

Visit these sites for more information on hempseed. Hempseed tastes like pinenuts and is high in Omega3 fatty acids, fiber and nutrients.
http://www.healthsource.htm Find out more information on Health Source - a new protein powder that contains 700 mg of calcium per serving.
Lipton has just released Cold Brew Tea - visit here for product availability, recipes and directions. Visit this site by Salute Sante - it contains information on grapeseed oil. Visit this site for information on Hemp Nuts or foods made from hempseeds. For information on these new soynut snacks. Visit this site for information on Lipton's new line of functional food products starting with Take Control Margarine-Like spread. This margarine contains plant sterols which are found to help lower your cholesterol when part of a lowfat diet and taken on a regular basis.
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Nutrition Analysis on the web  A searchable database from USDA's Handbook on the "food composition" button. Interactive nutrition analysis tool - your clients can see what their pyramid looks like
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Phytochemicals Visit this page to find out about our Hi-Phy Presentation kit. Little Bean, Big Benefits Presentation kit Delicious Soy Presentation Kit Go for the Whole Grain Presentatin Kit Eat Your Herbs Presentation/CE Kit Information on lycopenes, tomato handling. Site by University of Toronto and Heinz. It will keep you posted on the latest research regarding lycopene. Glossary of phytochemicals from the authors of Phytopia.
USDA database of foods containing isoflavones Phytochemical and ethnobotanical database by Jim Duke on the USDA's ARS site. The mission of the LPI at OSU is to determine the function and role of micronutrients, phytochemicals and microconstituents of food in maintaining human health and preventing and treating disease.Visit here for newsletters and udpates on their research.
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Salad Dressings Wishbone salad dressings Benecol salad dressings Take Control salad dressings Kraft Taste of Life dressing Hidden Valley dressings Dressings made with Hemp oil
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Soy Visit this page for information on obtaining presentation kits for teaching your clients about soy and how to use soyfoods. See this site for great recipes using soy - by Judy Doherty, Food & Health Communications, Inc.
china_project/ crucialsoy.html
Visit this page for an article on soy by T.Colin Campbell, PhD, from the China Cornell Study. Manufacturer of soy cheese Site for "tofurky" - a brand of soy based meat analogs Manufacturer of soy-based gelatin that contains all the beneficial ingredients of soy. New soymilk from Worthington Foods Manufacturer of soy milk Check out this page by the Ohio Soybean Board - it contains links to almost all other soybean boards in the US and Canada. The Mail Order Catalog - sells TSP and other soy products.
USDA's New World Wide Web Database now provides values for the major isoflavones in 128 Soy Foods and Ingredients. Information on Morinu Tofu tofu - includes tips and recipes. Morinaga Nutritional Foods is the maker of Morinu silken tofu.
Link to research by USDA scientists that explores the chemoprotective properties of soy. Visit this site for ideas and recipes on their product, edamame (immature green soybeans served in their pods). Visit this site for information on White Wave's products, recipes and soy information. United Soybean Board - many tips, recipes and facts on soyfoods from the United Soybean Board. Sign up for a free monthly email newsletter from the US Soyfoods Directory.
Simply Soy Cookbook Information on soy Information on soy Information, tips and recipes from the makers of Boca Burgers Visit this site for tips, recipes and information on Light Life products which include hot dogs and their new light soy burgers. Visit this site for information on WorthingtonFood's products, Natural Touch and MorningStar Farms This is a great site - information, articles and recips from Garden Burger The Ohio soybean Council promotes and supports new uses for soybeans. Here we found Sounds of Soyence, a way to make a rainstick using soybeans - what a fun activity for kids. Visit this site for information on their soy milk Westbrae The University Center for soybean improvement. This page contains a nice photo of a soybean This page contains photos of Sno-Pacs new Organic Sweet Beans that are soybeans that come ready to eat. It also contains tips and recipes for using these beans. This page is from the Illinois Soybean Association. It contains new uses of soy,news, articles with scientific references on the health claims ofsoy and other information on soy The historical roots of the soybean in America The Univesity of Illinois page for soy - contains many links and other useful information. Visit this site for a library of soy photos that show the stages of the soy plant. Visit this site for information on ordering soybeans through the Internet. This site also has recipes shared by their customers, an interesting one is for coffee made from roasted soybeans. Genisoy product web site Dixie Diner Club website. Visit here to find many unique soyfoods online or get their printed catalog. We like their parmesan cheese, Beanuts, Beanut butter and cookie mixes. Natural Touch Roasted Soy Butter from Worthington Foods Vegetarian Resource Group Visit this page for information on a snack made with popcorn and roasted soynuts. Use this idea to make your own!
Visit this page to see the latest Q&A with Dr. Claire Hasler, head of the Functional Foods Department for the University of Illinois at Urbana For more soy links on the internet
Visit this page for questions and answers on soy by the foremost experts, Mark Messina, PhD and Virginia Messina, MPH, RD. Visit this site for a list of soyfoods and their diabetic exchanges This site contains many good recipes from The Joy of Soy and tips for 10 easy ways to incorporate soy into your diet. Search on the words "Joy of Soy" and you will bring up the recipe links.
Extensive information for using soybeans as a vegetable.
Visit this page to get a printout of Bennie the Bean for kids to color. FMI call 800-735-0195 or The home of Seaside Farms, packager of edamame. Site for Protein Technologies International. Visit here for information on soy isolate powders, soy fun facts, nutrition in health and more.
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Supplements and Functional Foods Info on Viactiv - chocolate candies with calcium Independent testing lab that offers results on supplements and botanicals. They list the products that do contain what the labels claims.

Information on non-nutritive sweeteners. Visit this site to purchase Splenda (sucralose) on the web. Visit this site by Monsanto on their new sweetener. It is not yet approved for FDA but seems to be promising. Recipes and conversion charts for using Nutrasweet sweetener. Recipes and conversion charts for using sucralose or Splenda brand sweetener. Recipes and conversion charts for using Sweet N Low. Recipes and conversion charts for using Sweet One
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Turkey Tips and Information  
Click here for holiday education resources
cooking tips from USDA
stuffing tips from USDA from recipes and tips from Norbest recipes and tips from Jennie-o
recipes and tips


Turkey tips from the University of Illinois Extension Visit this site and click on Turkey Talk

tips from the University of Connecticut Cooperative Ext Turkey Federation Readers Digest Tips Better Homes and Gardens - includes roasting chart Chapters on perfect turkey Includes turkey recipes Turkey on the grill For vegetarians Food safety tips for procrastinators with frozen turkeys
Holiday articles and ideas
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Food Safety Information Food safety information. The Food and Drug Administration web site. Check this one out for information on sprouts and foodborne illness as well as other topics. Interactive site with tips for food safety.
Contains a list of food safety videos and curricula. is a free Internet service that delivers consolidated, timely bulletins about contaminated foods (undeclared ingredients, disease contamination,etc.) and other consumer safety hazards in one place.

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