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Food & Health Communications, Inc.

AbleDesign is one of the best things that has happened to our website. They were able to create interactive secure tests for our Continuing Professional Education Courses, refine all existing pages and make them more user-friendly, and create an online store. AbleDesign has truly taken our website to another level. Best of all, Dan is very professional and thorough and has never-ending patience with all of our requests. I would highly recommend AbleDesign to anyone!

Judy Doherty
President, Food & Health Communications, Inc.

Alexander Nash Agency - Freelance Writers and Journalists

I have unique needs as a freelance writer because I belong to a difficult and unusual business. I scoured the Internet looking for software that could meet or come close to meeting those needs and was built with a logical backbone using web based open source software. AbleDesign's D-man and two others came close but nothing was a perfect match. When I contacted the three about customization only AbleDesign was able to respond with a package that would work.

Working with AbleDesign was smooth and easy. They worked with me to customize the program for my unique business needs. They understood my pains and goals and were able to meet my deliverables despite them being poorly communicated by me. Their response was quick, the communications were excellent, and product was delivered before deadline.

I enthusiastically recommend AbleDesign and because I am so impressed with D-Man I am preparing to purchase and implement Account Biller.

Feel free to contact me at for more details about working with AbleDesign. Also, feel free to explore my web site with D-man at

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Andrew Baker

2020 Marketing Communications, LLC.

I found AbleDesign to be very competent, reasonably priced, and completely honest in our dealings.

Ron Geskey
2020 Marketing Communications, LLC.

Bites of Asia

Friendly and fast service, professional work, on-going customer support -- these are the experiences Bites Of Asia, Inc. encountered working with Dan at AbleDesign. Not only was Dan friendly and professional during the time he worked with us, he has been more than willing to help us with questions NOT relating to our work long after he had completed our projects. If you want someone knowlegeable and friendly to work with and a company that is dependable and performs prefessional work, I highly recommend Dan and his company, AbleDesign.

Baovan Truong

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