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Web Design with a Money Back Guarantee!

Yes, you read that right. AbleDesign is not satisfied with your project unless you are, too. Rest assured that your needs are being met with our unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.1 Furthermore, your 30 day grace period does not begin until your project is completed.

We don't believe in bait and switch advertising. When you see our low package price, keep in mind that it is a complete and fully functional web site, no hidden costs or upgrades necessary. Many companies will charge you for "extras" such as Search Engine Optimization, META tag creation, and scanning your existing images. We feel that to do so would be an embarrassment to the design methodology of AbleDesign. After all, our approach to design incorporates optimizing as an elementary and essential step. Thus, we include these features in our Basic Home Page Package.

Whether you have an existing site or need a new one, we can help. We specialize in optimizing and refining web sites for speed, ease of navigation, and improved customer satisfaction. Contact us for a free evaluation of how we can make your existing site better. See our list of enhancements below.

Basic Home Page Package - Only $200 for the following:

  • Personalized consultation and background work to ensure you receive the perfect web site for your needs.
  • Expert homepage and 2 additional pages to give your site depth and organizational structure.
  • Links and FREE email with the purchase of any hosting package - Allow your customers to communicate with you instantly and navigate your site.
  • 1 text logo graphic - "brand" your site and make it easier for customers to remember you.
  • Background image, tiled or edge - Use different background options to make your pages spring to life.
  • Search engine optimization - Search engine friendly pages mean more visitors. We design with this in mind from the beginning, rather than making it an extra cost later.
  • META tag creation - An important aspect for proper indexing and positioning in many search engines.
  • 2 scanned images + corresponding thumbnail images - Add pictures to your web site and use the miniature versions (which lead to the full size image) to keep download time to a minimum.

A fully functional web site can be yours for only $200!

Additional Enhancements (available at our hourly rate)
Consultation & background work
Hand coded HTML
Hyperlinks & Email links
Search engine optimization
META tag creation
Dynamic Database creation
Visitor Statistics to track traffic
Search engine submission
Discussion Forum
Shopping Cart
Site Maintenance
Domain registration
Professional digital images
Background image, tiled or edge
Image conversion
Scanned images + thumbnails
Image Optimization
Image Maps and Image Flips
Custom Logo and Banner design
Navigational buttons
Animated graphics
Audio files
Floppy disk or CD backup of files
Anything else? Let us know!
Click on the to view the description for any term you are not familiar with.

1 Items which require a cash payout on our part, such as domain registration and program purchase/registration, are non-refundable.

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