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"It took no effort do update the Health Observances Calendar this year [with MyCalendar], whereas it used to be 3 days of my time." - Judy Doherty, Food and Health Communications

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AbleDesign is proud to present the following Commercial and Free programs for your use. Our programs seek to go beyond simply accomplishing a task, with goals of ease of use and seamless integration with the rest of your site. They also make use of secure user authentication and password encryption where applicable. You may view the Version Histories online, in addition to viewing demos of each program. Hosting Solutions are also available. Please contact us if you require custom programming.

Commercial Scripts

AbleLogger Pro - [ Product Info ]

AbleLogger Pro
AbleLogger Pro is a PHP/MySQL program which provides a streamlined interface for logging visits to your website and tracking visitation patterns for specific users. AbleLogger Pro adds numerous features above and beyond the free AbleLogger Lite, such as detailed graphical statistics, auto-banning of IP addresses, database management, search features, improved sorting and display, and much more.

Account Biller
Account Biller - [ Product Info ] Coming soon.
Account Biller is a PHP/MySQL program that provides an all-in-one solution to online billing and record keeping. Through the integrated calendar, address book, auto-updating payment reporting system, email templates, and extensive user configuration options, you will greatly streamline your billing process and present a clean and consistent image to your customers.

Backup DB
Backup DB   [ Product Info ] -
Backup DB is a very easy to use MySQL Backup/Restore utility written in PHP and Perl.

D-Man   [ Product Info | Demo ] -

D-Man Download Manager
D-Man Download Manager is a PHP/MySQL program which provides a simple and secure way to manage who has access to download your files and which ones. A variety of administrative tools make it very easy to operate.

Dynamic Picture Frame
Dynamic Picture Frame   [ Product Info | Demo ] -
Dynamic Picture Frame is a PHP script which allows you to add a nearly endless variety of picture frames of any size to images on your website.

MyCalendar   [ Product Info | Demo ] -

MyCalendar is a very full featured, yet easy to operate PHP/MySQL calendar. It offers a full administration area, recurring calendar entries of varying period and duration (i.e. same day every month for 6 months or once every year for 4 years), optional categories, year, month, week, and day displays, and the option to allow users to submit items which can then be validated before adding to the calendar.

ReSearch   [ Product Info | Demo ] -

Powered by ReSearch
ReSearch, short for Results Search, is a PHP/MySQL program which allows you to make information easily searchable online. Be it running events, other individual sports, or even business product listings, ReSearch will provide a dynamic solution to displaying your databases and spreadsheets on the web in searchable fashion.

Free Scripts

AbleLogger -
AbleLogger is a PHP/MySQL program which provides a streamlined interface for logging visits to your website and tracking visitation patterns or specific users.

Banner Simple -
Banner Simple is a very simple and free PHP banner rotation program that is designed to be fast, efficient, and easy to use.

chmod helper -
The Chmod Calculator is a free JavaScript program to help you quickly set UNIX file permissions in several ways simultaneously. No more digging through old notes to remember a specific notation! The program is based on Peter Crouch's Chmod Calculator, which can be found at Website Abstraction. - is a free Perl program. It provides a simple way to make newsletter/discussion list email subscribe/unsubscribe text links function as a handy form selection box and vastly increase your sign up rate. Very easy to customize and incorporate into your site design.

Discus to phpBB Converter -
This is a free program for importing Discus 3.1 discussion forum users/topics/posts into phpBB 1.4x. Note: The current converter is based on database tables that have been upgraded from phpBB v1.2x to 1.4x, so some tables' column order is different from a clean v1.4x install. This means you will need to change the order that fields are inserted into the database from the converter.

If you prefer to have the conversion done for you, we are also offering our services for importing Discus 3.1 installations into the new, overhauled phpBB format. As of November, 2003, that is for phpBB v2.06. Please contact us for details.

Holiday Calculations -
A free library of PHP tools for calculating US holidays, including actual/observed days, Easter Sunday, and the number of weeks in a month containing a specific day.

Random License Generator -
A free PHP program for generating random registration numbers of any length and character format. The script even tells you how many variations of that format are possible, helping to ensure that you will not run out of available registration numbers and have to switch formats down the road. Tools are included for incorporating the program into a database, in case you wish to tie the generated numbers into a logging system and ensure that the number has not previously been used.

Version Histories

Site Hosting

We are pleased to offer hosting solutions for purchasers of any of AbleDesign's programs, all of which include free installation when purchased in conjunction with site hosting!

Full Hosting Account

The majority of AbleDesign's programs require PHP and MySQL to operate. If you do not have access to a web server that meets these requirements, AbleDesign offers value-packed PHP/MySQL hosting for as little as $15.95 $10 a month. Please visit the AbleDesign hosting page for details.

Additionally, we may be able to provide you with remote hosting of your program without having to purchase a full hosting account. If you are interested in this or other hosting options, please contact us for details.

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