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Overview: Backup DB is a very easy to use MySQL Backup/Restore utility written in PHP and Perl. The interface is written in PHP to keep things streamlined and the backup/restore processes are written in Perl to avoid PHP's limitations in the areas of safe_mode file ownership and system commands.

Cost: $11 US
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To complete your order, simply follow these steps:
  1. Purchase a license.
  2. Receive the program and documentation via email. You may also receive a copy of the program by postal mail, if you like. Visit the order form for details.

Online Demo: There is no demo of Backup DB, as we really don't want you messing with our databases. :-)

Screen Shots: See how it looks.

FTP/Telnet access to your server is optional


  • allows you easily make backups of your MySQL database(s) and later restore them if necessary.
  • backups are compressed (gzip) to save space on your server.
  • get a list of the databases available for you to make backups of. You will then have the option of selecting one or more (or all) tables in that database for the actual backup. A subdirectory is created under the backup directory for each backed up database, allowing you to quickly restore the tables later.
  • get a list of the database directories available for you to restore from. You will then have the option of selecting one or more (or all) tables in that directory/database for the actual restore.
  • files are backed up with the date appended to the file name, so you can backup a table multiple times without overwriting old ones.

Latest Version & Updates: v1.11 is the current release. Version updates and online demos of the latest beta will be announced in the support forum. You may view the Version History online.

Support: Online support is provided through the AbleDesign Forums.

License: The full end user license is included in the distribution.

Hosting: If you do not have access to a web server that meets the program's requirements (PHP and MySQL), AbleDesign offers value-packed PHP/MySQL hosting for as little as $15.95 $10 a month. Please visit the hosting page for details. Annual hosting packages receive free installation of Backup DB!

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