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Account Biller

Overview: An Online Billing Solution that bridges the gap between offline financial/productivity tools, such as calendars and bookkeeping programs, and the online functionality of instant email billing and notification without having to run your own local intranet. All you need is a web hosting account with a MySQL database -- the program and all of your data can reside on any server of your choice.

Through tightly integrated Contact, Calendar, and Transaction History databases, email templates, extensive user configuration options, and auto-updating payment reporting system, you can bring order and efficiency to your billing and record keeping! Your billing will take on the familiar point and click simplicity of the graphical desktop environment while retaining the complex functionality of a Contacts or Transactions database.

Set Calendar reminders to one-time or daily/monthly/yearly recurring. Run nightly reports of what notices need to be sent that day, that week, or that month, or even what payments are overdue. Send email reminders to your clients with the click of a button. Account Biller replaces "how?" with "wow!"

Online Demo: The Account Biller demo is not online yet, although screenshots are now available. In the meantime, please take a look at the MyCalendar and D-Man demos.

Support: Online support is provided through the AbleDesign Forums.


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