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Dynamic Picture Frame

Overview: Dynamic Picture Frame is a PHP script which allows you to add a nearly endless variety of picture frames of any size to images on your website.

Cost: $11 US
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To complete your order, simply follow these steps:
  1. Purchase a license.
  2. Receive the program and documentation via email. You may also receive a copy of the program by postal mail, if you like. Visit the order form for details.

Online Demo: Visit the online demo for a look at the program in action.



  • automatically add picture frames to any images on your site
  • set up picture frames to change seasonally, by day, etc.
  • can be used to create a postcard-like online framing form for site visitors

Latest Version & Updates: v1.01 is the current release. Version updates and online demos of the latest beta will be announced in the support forum. You may view the Version History online.

Support: Online support is provided through the AbleDesign Forums.

License: The full end user license is included in the distribution.

Hosting: If you do not have access to a web server that meets the program's requirements (PHP4+), AbleDesign offers value-packed PHP hosting for as little as $15.95 $10 a month. Please visit the hosting page for details. Annual hosting packages receive free installation of Dynamic Picture Frame!

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