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Overview: MyCalendar is a very full featured, yet easy to operate PHP/MySQL calendar. It offers a full administration area, recurring calendar entries of varying period and duration (i.e. same day every month for 6 months or once every year for 4 years), optional categories, year, month, week, and day displays, auto-hyperlinking, and the option to allow users to submit items which can then be validated before adding to the calendar.

Cost: $35 US
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To complete your order, simply follow these steps:
  1. Purchase a license.
  2. Receive the program and documentation via email. You may also receive a copy of the program by postal mail, if you like. Visit the order form for details.

Online Demo: Visit the online demo for a look at the program in action.

PHP4+ & MySQL.


  • recurring entries:
    • by variable number of months or years
    • by variable number of days, including weekday or weekend only
    • on the same day of the week, with varying number of week increments (i.e. every 2nd or 3rd Monday)
    • by the week of month, such as the 2nd Friday of every month, or the 1st Tuesday of every 2nd month
  • full category support, such as for regional or topical calendars
  • holiday calculations for numerous countries
  • language packs available -- currently includes Czech, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese-Brazillian
  • year/month/week/day displays with extensive navigation options and a printable full year "wall calendar"
  • template based for easy display customization
  • auto-hyperlinking of URLs and email addresses when added to calendar entries
  • have day displays open in a popup window or the main browser window
  • month display has separate highlighting of the current day and any day that contains entries
  • search options:
    • display calendar entries by date range
    • display calendar entries by category
    • display calendar entries by next/previous 'x' days
    • partial or exact keyword searches
  • admin definable user groups with authorized action settings, such as for moderators
  • allow users to submit items with or without admin validation
  • email notification for new accounts, email address changes, event submissions (with customizable templates), lost passwords, and more
  • session tracking and password encryption for secure logins
  • when logged in as the admin, the last instance of a recurring entry is highlighted with an option to update the recurring sequence
  • admin can display/prune calendar entries and login history in a variety of ways
  • option to hide the login link and use a secret command for accessing the login page
  • add/modify/delete calendar entries; with multiple category options
  • includes a basic import utility for Matt Kruse's calendar (may work for others)
  • set your configuration variables online

Latest Version & Updates: v2.20.3 is the current release. Version updates and online demos of the latest beta will be announced in the support forum. Beta releases are available for download to licensed users. You may view the Version History online.

Support: Online support is provided through the AbleDesign Forums.

License: The full end user license is included in the distribution.
The program may not be re-sold or re-distributed under any circumstances. You may have multiple installations of MyCalendar within a single, distinct web site (separate sites on sub-domains or subdirectories must purchase their own license), but a single license cannot be used on multiple sites.

Hosting: If you do not have access to a web server that meets the program's requirements (PHP and MySQL), AbleDesign offers value-packed PHP/MySQL hosting for as little as $15.95 $10 a month. Please visit the hosting page for details. Annual hosting packages receive free installation of MyCalendar!

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