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ReSearch Version History:

7/08/09 - Version 3.00 released

  • added full text Name searches to match 'last, first' and 'first last' in addition to partial string matches
  • added name linking ... athlete names in search results become direct link to searches for all other results by them (can be turned off)
  • restructured some internal aspects to allow for tie-in of optional admin program
  • added a printer friendly display of an event's full results, acessible through the "List all Events" popup -- not as wide as the standard search results display
  • added table indexing for much faster display of results from large databases (up to 15x faster in some cases)
  • changed the config file $db array approach to reduce the processing overhead in sorting output arrays
  • added several help file items related to printing results
  • added more input error checking
  • added number formatting to the count of events & results in the database
  • added HTML documentation
  • added a configuration option for setting various display formats for event dates, such as 2001-11-04 or Nov 4, 2001
  • popup event list now uses field name constants from the config file for ease of customizing database structure
  • fixed a bug that didn't pass Sort selections through to multiple search results pages
  • added a debugging setting to the config file for ease of troubleshooting
  • now works with register_globals turned off
  • the Year dropdown list in the search form now sorts by descending date order
  • removed deprecated mysql_db_query() from research_event_list.php
  • modified browser detection code to keep text boxes the proper size in Firefox & changed it to a faster method

6/4/01 - Version 2.12 released

  • the event list popup now displays shortcut links to the event ID numbers; useful for direct linking to full results
  • page spanning routine now handles large search results more gracefully with settings for the number of page links to display at a time; adds "next 10" and "prev 10" page links for quick navigation
  • the page spanning bar is formatted better for aesthetical display in Netscape - doesn't lose its dark outline
  • made URL strings for page spanning work in Netscape if there are spaces in the search terms
  • added browser checking to make text input boxes the same size in Netscape and IE
  • changed the order of some internal search routines to avoid non-loading pages in Netscape when no search matches are found
  • fixed a v2.11 bug where searches with no LIMIT set did not correctly use page spanning
  • the example array in v2.10 and v2.11's config.php had the Location field name in the wrong place, resulting in non-working searches by location
  • shortened the code required to build the dropdown select boxes in the search form
  • shortened the code required to build the text input boxes in the search form

5/21/01 - Version 2.11 released

  • instead of linking to a specific event by title and date, you can also now link to it by EID (event ID); makes for much shorter URLs
  • fine tuned searches with LIMIT and Page Span settings, specifically when LIMIT is set shorter than Per Page (i.e. top 10 list with 50 shown per page)
  • updated research_event_list.php to work with Event titles that have an '&' in the title
  • made the PHP version check less resource intensive for faster loading pages
  • replaced the optional manual header/footer file paths with an auto-sensing path
  • changed to specifying the database name in all queries in case the program is used on the same page as another program querying a different database
  • program files are now called with a variable extension, allowing you to easily rename the files to something like .php3, if needed
  • added configuration variable for turning off page spanning

1/27/01 - Version 2.10 released:

  • added research_event_list.php, which provides a popup page listing all events and years, with a link to view the full results.
  • optional page spanning (with user selectable cutoff points) has been added to speed up load time for people on slow connections and/or to make for manageable presentation of very large race results. LIMIT searches still work in conjunction.
  • added extra sorting to make sure search results are displayed in numerical (ID = Place) order, regardless of how they were inserted into the database (which isn't always as would be expected).
  • range searches (such as for place or age) can now be entered in a single text box in any of the follwing forms: -15 or 15- (less than 15), +50 or 50+ (greater than 50), or 15-50 (between 15 and 50).
  • the 'numfields' array value is now calculated automatically -- one less variable for you to set.
  • configuration settings are now done through an external file -- research_config.php
  • added a fix to make the Event Name dropdown list alphabetically sorted
  • simplified search form for easier customization
  • the search form is now in a separate file -- research_search_form.php -- which means the majority of your customization is separate from any future upgrades.
  • help file is now context sensitive
  • male/female searches now echo the previous search input for that field to make refining your search easier
  • instead of building your own dropdown selection boxes for custom search options such as age group, they can now be built automatically through function build_select_field()
  • you can specify whether or not to enter a page spanning value by default

12/16/00 - Version 2.00 Released:

  • internal workings are array-driven (everything but HTML search form)
  • all fields, search terms, etc. are set in the configuration variables
  • optimized output for PHP4, but uses alternate code if needed for PHP3
  • PHP version of your server is automatically detected and accounted for

11/28/00 - Version 1.02 released:

  • added extra "Sort By" options; now incorporates the Events table
  • added searches by Year (of the date) to allow for the same event name on multiple years without duplication in the search form - less cluttered dropdown search boxes

11/27/00 - Version 1.01 released

  • added Age Groups (divisions)
  • added Age Group Place (Class)
  • added Average Pace field

11/24/00 - Version 1.00 Released

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