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12/07/03 - Version 2.10 Released

  • added graphical statistics for visitor languages
  • added optional date filtering for graphical statistics
  • added optional "instant" banning of out of control spiders and bots, based on configurable threshold settings
  • added advanced search options (by date range, IP, page viewed, referer)
  • when viewing overview, instead of just showing current day, now has an automatic override to show everything logged since last visit
  • added option to ignore query strings (everything after the question mark) in page visited URLs - don't log them and/or don't display them
  • added option to not resolve IP addresses to corresponding host name, which sometimes causes a delay
  • added summary stats at the bottom of IP details page
  • added page generation time display; could be useful for avoiding timeout issues, but mostly just informational
  • made the row highlight color for logged data since last visit to the admin overview display be a configurable variable
  • added optimization of database after purge to free up old space
  • simplified the process of adding IP addresses to the spider exclusion list (for stats)
  • tidied up the top 'x' report output
  • beefed up log.php's logging routines for servers that do not have certain options enabled and to catch extra visitor IP info
  • removed some unnecessary query code from the purge database routine for efficiency
  • consolidated the various search routines

12/01/03 - Version 2.00 Released

  • added an auto-IP banning option
  • view graphical stats for:
    • top 'x' Most Active Visitors (IP Address)
    • top 'x' Most Often Viewed Pages
    • top 'x' referers (external sites)
    • top 'x' referers by grouped domain, i.e. (external sites)
    • top 'x' local referers - of local pages, which lead to most on-site referers?
    • Page Views by Day of the Week
    • Page Views by Day of the Month
    • Page Views by Day of the Year
    • Page Views by Month of the Year
    • Page Views By Hour of the Day
    • Unique IPs by Day of the Week
    • Unique IPs by Day of the Month
    • Unique IPs by Day of the Year
    • Unique IPs by Month of the Year
    • Unique IPs By Hour of the Day
    • Average Number of Page Views Per Visitor
    • Average Number of Page Views Per Day
    • by Web Browser
    • by Operating System
  • option to filter out known spiders and bots for all stats displays
  • configure your own list of IP addresses to filter by
  • added option to ignore certain IPs (i.e. admin) from being logged
  • search for all visits to a specific page (with pattern matching for path/file names)
  • search for all visits by referer (with pattern matching)
  • admin tool for emptying db table (with confirmation page) - purge all or purge logs older than 'x' days
  • purge page displays current size of database
  • overview page now defaults to sorting most recent visits at top of list regardless of when that IP address first visited for the day
  • overview page shows total number of page views, number of visitors, average pages viewed per visitor, and average duration of visit for the selected day
  • detailed view (by IP address) defaults to current day, links to other days the IP address has visited, with option to view all of the days at once
  • sets a cookie when overview page last checked; when reloading/revisiting the overview, anything more recent is highlighted to visually find new log entries faster
  • no longer logs local domain name as part of referer, just the path/file info -- less data storage and processing for admin viewing
  • when viewing IP details or page/referer searches, referer display is made more concise by removing the local site domain (i.e. from the URL and making it a non-hyperlink
  • for external referers by grouped domain, the graphical stats domain display links to a search page for that referer
  • now displays local time and last visit time in nav header section
  • improved navigation header section
  • improved database storage efficiency

11/19/03 - Version 1.00 (Lite) Released

  • track visitors and viewing patterns
  • search for all visits by a specific IP address

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