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Overview: AbleLogger comes in two flavors: the free AbleLogger Lite and the commercial AbleLogger Pro. Each are PHP/MySQL programs which provide a streamlined interface for logging visits to your website and tracking visitation patterns or specific users. Gone is the guesswork from marketing campaigns and tracking the effectiveness of e-commerce applications! Simply follow users as they travel through your site and see what works and what doesn't. An emphasis has been placed on making AbleLogger as "light weight" as possible, with very little processing necessary to log each page view, so as not to impact the delivery of your site content.

AbleLogger Pro adds numerous features above and beyond the free AbleLogger Lite, such as detailed graphical statistics, auto-banning of IP addresses, database management, search features, improved sorting and display, and much more. The admin script is organized for maximum effectiveness, with visits organized in intuitive fashion. These additions help take you to the next level of site management, providing you with a greatly increased overview of your visitors.

AbleLogger Lite is not intended to be an all-encompassing stats package, rather a tracking tool to provide the level of useful analysis missing in many full-scale stats packages. AbleLogger Lite is best used in conjunction with a full featured stats package such as AbleLogger Pro (or your own server stats, if available) that displays things like page views and bandwidth by month, top referers, browser stats, most popular pages, error pages, etc.


  • AbleLogger Pro: $35   Buy Now!
  • AbleLogger Lite: Free


To complete your order, simply follow these steps:
  1. Purchase a license.
  2. Receive the program and documentation via email. You may also receive a copy of the program by postal mail, if you like. Visit the order form for details.

PHP4+ & MySQL.

Demo: There are demos for both AbleLogger Pro and AbleLogger Lite, each having two parts (all open in a new window).

  1. Admin Interfaces - for viewing logged visits and summary statistics
  2. test pages with live logging - for viewing AbleLogger Pro/Lite in action

Downloads: You may download the AbleLogger Lite v1.00 zip file here. Instructions are included in the distribution (readme.txt).

AbleLogger Pro Features:

  • track visitors throughout your site in real-time -- where they arrived from, what pages they visisted, how long they stayed, etc.
  • auto-IP banning option
  • view graphical stats, with optional date filtering for:
    • top 'x' Most Active Visitors (IP Address)
    • top 'x' Most Often Viewed Pages
    • top 'x' referers (external sites)
    • top 'x' referers by grouped domain, i.e. (external sites)
    • top 'x' local referers - of local pages, which lead to most on-site referers?
    • Page Views by Day of the Week
    • Page Views by Day of the Month
    • Page Views by Day of the Year
    • Page Views by Month of the Year
    • Page Views By Hour of the Day
    • Unique IPs by Day of the Week
    • Unique IPs by Day of the Month
    • Unique IPs by Day of the Year
    • Unique IPs by Month of the Year
    • Unique IPs By Hour of the Day
    • Average Number of Page Views Per Visitor
    • Average Number of Page Views Per Day
    • by Web Browser
    • by Operating System
    • by Visitor Language
  • option to filter out known spiders and bots for all stats displays
  • configure your own list of IP addresses to filter by
  • option to ignore certain IPs (i.e. admin) from being logged
  • search for all visits from a specific IP address
  • search for all visits to a specific page (with pattern matching for path/file names)
  • search for all visits by referer (with pattern matching)
  • advanced search options with optional date filtering
  • admin tool for emptying db table (with confirmation page) - purge all or purge logs older than 'x' days; displays current size of database
  • overview page shows total number of page views, number of visitors, average pages viewed per visitor, and average duration of visit for the selected day
  • sets a cookie when overview page last checked; when reloading/revisiting the overview, anything more recent is highlighted to visually find new log entries faster

Latest Version & Updates: v2.10 is the current release of AbleLogger Pro. Version updates and online demos will be announced in the support forum. You may view the Version History online.

Support: Online support is provided through the AbleDesign Forums.

License: The full end user license for AbleLogger Pro is included in the distribution. AbleLogger Lite is provided free of charge. You may modify the script however you see fit, as long as the copyright notice and header remain intact. You may not redistribute the script without authorization. It would be appreciated if you let us know if and where you are using it.

Hosting: If you do not have access to a web server that meets the program's requirements (PHP and MySQL), AbleDesign offers value-packed PHP/MySQL hosting for as little as $15.95 $10 a month. Please visit the hosting page for details. Annual hosting packages receive free installation of AbleLogger!

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