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"It didn't look like that big of a deal at first, until I realized that it's the easiest database query I've ever used. You don't have to guess at any syntax with boolean variables, and it contains all the search parameters I could possibly think of for race results." - Adam Gaines, running coach and programmer

Powered by ReSearch
Overview: ReSearch, short for Results Search, allows you to make running event results easily searchable on the web. It is a truly interactive and dynamic solution designed to save you time and enhance your visitors' experience viewing their race results online. You won't have to format and organize endless pages of HTML, and site visitors will be able to search for exactly what interests them. Keep current and past results a mere mouse click away!

The ReSearch design team has extensive experience in running, event timing and meet management, coaching, and web design and programming. You can be sure the program is well suited to the requirements for displaying running results.

While the program is geared toward displaying the results of running events, it is equally at home with other individual sports such as cycling, swimming, and golf, and can be applied to non-sporting displays with little difficulty. It is in use powering recipe databases and industrial parts catalogues.

Introducing for Version 3.00 and newer, the optional Admin add-on which streamlines many administrative tasks such as creating or searching events, loading results, and editing individual results! Click Here for more information.

Cost: License includes lifetime FREE upgrades!

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To complete your order, simply follow these steps:
  1. Purchase a license.
  2. Receive the program and documentation via email. You may also receive a copy of the program by postal mail, if you like. Visit the order form for details.

Online Demo: Visit for a look at the program in action.

FTP/Telnet access to your server is optional


  • Quick and easy to set up, and very easy to customize. Step by step instructions are included for creating your database and importing results, and a short, concise configuration section powers the rest of the program. No need to learn PHP or MySQL, although basic HTML knowledge is helpful for displaying the search form the way you want it. Now includes directions for importing all of your results through the web browser, making Telnet, FTP, and complex MySQL commands completely optional!
  • Automatic, self-updating Top 10 Lists for every event or distance!
  • Dropdown selection search boxes are automatically built based on database content -- no HTML updates required when you add to the database.
  • Limitless search options and database fields (name, time, place, age, etc.).
  • Split-second search results.
  • Results for a specific event can be linked to directly without having to enter a search. For example, instead of displaying a static page of race results, simply place a link on the page that includes a database search for an event name and year (or id#). Clicking on that link will take visitors directly to the full race results, which they can then search and refine however they wish.
  • Help file for users.
Click here for a more detailed list of Benefits and Features.

Compatibilty: Click here for a page outlining the various race results software and how they fit with ReSearch.

Latest Version & Updates: v3.00 is the current release. Version updates and online demos of the latest beta will be announced in the support forum. You may view the Version History online.

Support: Online support is provided through the AbleDesign Forums.

Screen Shots: See how it looks.

License: The full end user license is included in the distribution.
Non-Profit groups must provide proof on tax exemption or an IRS tax exempt number. The program may not be re-sold or re-distributed under any circumstances. You may have multiple installations of ReSearch within a single, distinct web site (separate sites on sub-domains or subdirectories must purchase their own license), but a single license cannot be used on multiple sites.

Hosting: If you do not have access to a web server that meets the program's requirements (PHP and MySQL), AbleDesign offers value-packed PHP/MySQL hosting for as little as $15.95 $10 a month. Please visit the hosting page for details. Annual hosting packages receive free installation of ReSearch!

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