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Introducing for Version 3.00 and newer, the optional Admin add-on which streamlines many administrative tasks such as creating or searching events, loading results, and editing individual results! ReSearch Admin can be used with older versions of ReSearch, but it will require some config file changes for the two to sync up.


  • One-click options to add/search/edit/delete events.
  • Got a typo in the results? You can now edit individual results by navigating through that event!
  • Sortable search/list all event pages for ease of finding things.
  • Load Results quick and easy with standard upload settings pre-filled.
  • Various delete/empty options (for Events or Results) without having to know any SQL commands.
  • Super quick setup! Set the path to your ReSearch config file, load it to the server, and you're done!

Screenshots of ReSearch Admin in action

The Add Event screen:

ReSearch Admin Screenshot

Sortable Event display, from either a Search or List All (click on the image for a larger version):

ReSearch Admin Screenshot

View details or Edit an event, with links to additional options for that event:

ReSearch Admin Screenshot

Edit individual Results from within an event (click on the image for a larger version):

ReSearch Admin Screenshot

The edit screen for an individual result:

ReSearch Admin Screenshot

8/29/09 - Version 1.00 released

  • add event
  • search or list all events (with formatted date and number of results in each)
    • column sorts for event search/list all (sort by id, title, date, or number of results)
    • edit/delete icons for easy updates or removal
  • display all results for each event, with option to edit individual results
  • load results (textfile insert)
  • delete event (and all corresponding results)
  • delete (empty) all results for an event but leave event intact
  • empty entire events or results tables to start from scratch

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