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"When developing our campus calendar, we needed a solution that was easy to set up, easy to customize, and easy to maintain. We set up MyCalendar in a few minutes, and with Dan's fast and expert help, we were able to add the features we needed very quickly and integrate it with our current site. Having the calendar design match the rest of our site was important, so being able to easily customize the templates to include our colors and graphics really made our job a lot nicer. Being able to set up and customize MyCalendar as extensively as we did within our timeframe made it an excellent value, and we would recommend it to anyone on a tight budget looking to implement a PHP-based calendaring program." - Web Communications
University Advancement
University of Missouri-Rolla
Jennifer L. Lynch, Director
Michelle L. Heizer, Web Developer
Alex Heizer, Web Developer

"[ReSearch] didn't look like that big of a deal at first, until I realized that it's the easiest database query I've ever used. You don't have to guess at any syntax with boolean variables, and it contains all the search parameters I could possibly think of for race results." - Adam Gaines, running coach and programmer

"[MyCalendar] looks like you were pretty much reading my mind as far as what as I'm needing in a calendar. 35 bucks well spent." - B.T.

"After looking at several alternatives, from 'free' to several hundred dollar solutions, MyCalendar provides all the functionality I need (and then some) and represents excellent value for money. Rarely have I spent $35 so wisely!" - Justin Hope-Mason, Managing Director, Lockwood Press Ltd, London, UK

"MyCalendar is a terrific program and a real bargain! Its user flexibility is really what sold us and the administrative control is very well balanced. MyCalendar is well supported and we recommend it without hesitation. You won't find a better deal with another program even it it's free." - Paul Anderson, V.P., Longview Convention and Visitors Bureau

"I am absolutely astonished at the value I have received with the purchase of MyCalendar. The utility and the support is outstanding. I was able to get the product off the ground very quickly and with few problems." - virgilio

"It took no effort do update the Health Observances Calendar this year [with MyCalendar], whereas it used to be 3 days of my time." - Judy Doherty, Food and Health Communications

"Wow! I am so impressed with MyCalendar, and the customer service from Dan at AbleDesign. I've spent months waiting for just the right calendar - with a good price-value ratio. MyCalendar is it - incredible value at a reasonable price. You won't find a better value - and believe me, I've looked." - Philip Rothschild, WomensMinistry.NET

"MyCalendar was a fast and easy script/database to install. The staff at AbleDesign was great to work with; knowledgeable and quick! They assisted us in customizing our calendar for our specific needs and we are very satisfied with the results. We would recommend them highly." - Joshua D Brewer, Chairman/CEO, Mighty Gospel Outreach, Inc.

Alexander Nash Agency - Freelance Writers and Journalists

I have unique needs as a freelance writer because I belong to a difficult and unusual business. I scoured the Internet looking for software that could meet or come close to meeting those needs and was built with a logical backbone using web based open source software. AbleDesign's D-man and two others came close but nothing was a perfect match. When I contacted the three about customization only AbleDesign was able to respond with a package that would work.

Working with AbleDesign was smooth and easy. They worked with me to customize the program for my unique business needs. They understood my pains and goals and were able to meet my deliverables despite them being poorly communicated by me. Their response was quick, the communications were excellent, and product was delivered before deadline.

I enthusiastically recommend AbleDesign and because I am so impressed with D-Man I am preparing to purchase and implement Account Biller.

Feel free to contact me at for more details about working with AbleDesign. Also, feel free to explore my web site with D-man at

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Andrew Baker

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