Top 5 Reasons Customers Will Spend Time at Your Site:

  1. Fast Loading Pages - "I want it now!" Give your customers what they want, and give it to them quickly.
    • Properly sized, compressed graphics
    • No needless animation or Java applets
    • Efficient HTML coding
    • Fast and dependable server
    • Proper table structure
  2. Intuitive Navigation - A lost or disoriented customer is as good as no customer. Make them feel right at home.
    • Not required to press "Back" button repeatedly to get anywhere
    • Consistency to location and look of navigation links
    • Using image links that give a clear picture of their meaning
    • No broken links that lead to 404 File Not Found errors
    • Avoiding splash screens that serve no purpose other than forcing your customer to search for the "Enter" button
  3. High Quality - Images and content must be optimized for the web. Your site will excel if it makes the most of the online medium.
    • Images are not too large, too blurry, or poor quality
    • Appropriate amount of text and spacing
    • Good grammar and word choice, with no typos
    • Fonts, font colors, and page colors that are easy to read
    • Good page layout, including tables and alignment
  4. Browser Compatibility - Your customers use a wide variety of browsers; make sure your pages look good for everyone.
    • Including closing table tags so your pages are not rendered invisible in Netscape
    • What monitor resolution settings are your site visible at?
    • Does your fancy CSS page structure break down in old browsers?
    • Will your JavaScript cause errors on browsers that cannot interpret it?
    • Have you tested your site on multiple browsers for consistency?
  5. They Can Find You - Incorrect keywords and page structure can bury you below your competitors in the search engines.
    • Do you know what META tags are? Are you using them efficiently?
    • Do you have proper keyword density?
    • Most search engines do not like frames
    • Images should have ALT tags defined
    • Search engine spamming - know what it is and don't do it

AbleDesign guarantees a site that excels in all these areas and more! With our Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose - contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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