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(Learn to hand code, you will understand it better and be better able to convey your site's meaning to your customers.)

Think of creating HTML like driving -- you can do it from the back seat and annoy the heck out of everyone, but if you really want any say in where the car goes, you'd better get in the driver's seat and take the wheel. If you are reading these tutorials, I assume you are interested in creating or refining a web site. Now is the time to ask yourself how serious you are about your project. If you just want a hobby page with a few pictures, then an HTML editor will probably meet your needs. If you want anything presentable, efficient, and browser compatible, then it's highly worthwhile to ditch the editor and learn HTML yourself. It's really a very painless process.

There are countless reasons why hand coding is far superior to automated editors -- as you read through these tutorials, you will see many such examples -- but the most important reason might be individuality. Only through rolling up your sleeves and digging under the hood of you site's pages will you gain the familiarity necessary to give it that personal touch and flair. Visitors to your site will quickly pick up on such subtleties.

These tutorials will not seek to be an HTML reference. Instead, they will reinforce the merits of good coding practices and encourage you to take the next step in customizing your web site.

In the meantime, here are some excellent resources to begin learning HTML, if you have not done so already:

Teresa's Guide to Learning HTML - Easy to follow explanations of the basic building blocks of HTML.

HTML Goodies - Excellent range of tutorials, from beginner to advanced.

Index DOT Html - Aimed at the experienced user: "meant to be repositories and references for technical information about the HTML and CSS languages. [C]overs the elements, attributes and the popular browsers that support [HTML]."

HTML Station - A bit dry and technical in nature, but a good resource nonetheless.

Webmonkey - Fairly advanced. This is a good one to check back on when you have picked up the basics.

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